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5625 N Pennsylvania Ave
Oklahoma City, OK, 73112
United States


Oklahoma City hair salon, Duncan Brothers is an acclaimed hair salon offering modern hair services to clients in the Edmond and Oklahoma City areas.


Join us in celebrating 50 years of an incredible journey!

Academy of Hair Design

Duncan Bros Salon is celebrating 50 years in the Oklahoma City Metro Area this year and we want to share this exciting time with all of you! Without “YOU”, our award winning reputation and success would have never stood the test of time.

We want to thank Oklahoma, our friends and partners across America and the industry for their contribution over the past 50 years. Without the support and relationships of industry leaders such as the Roffler, the Mascolo family, founders of TIGI/Toni and Guy, L’Oreal, KAO, Goldwell, Kerastase, KMS, Sooner Beauty Supply and Armstrong McCall, the many stylists and clients, all of who have been the foundation of building the legacy we have created at Duncan Bros Salons.

We have more people to thank than we could possibly begin to name, but without our founders Ron and Don Duncan, this story could not be told. Ron and Don were not only talented barbers, but had a sense of professionalism and an uncanny ability to connect with their guests. In 1969 they opened their first barber shop with the help and support of Sam Coury, who owned a shopping center on 36th and May in OKC. Sam believed Ron and Don had what it takes to be successful…and he was right! Sam is still a client of Duncan Bros Salon to this day and we thank him for being willing to take the first step with us on this journey! Ron’s wife, Jean Ann has always been very involved and honestly, the darling and heartbeat of our company. There’s not a person who’s been part of the team or school that Jean Ann didn’t leave a lasting and positive impact on their life. Jean Ann’s brother, Joe Gitthens joined the partnership in 1977, soon becoming managing partner. Joe has always had a strength, passion and vision for seizing the opportunity to partner with industry leaders who could add value and experience to our organization. Over the years, we established three successful and award winning salons, known throughout the nation.

From the first barber shop on north May, Duncan Bros Salon expanded and relocated to May and Brookline in 1974, where Dave and Busters sits today, ultimately becoming the first unisex salon where barbers and cosmetologists came together to become what we are today. Following concepts developed by Roffler they grew as a team, and garnered attention from an inspirational European hairstylist and instructor from Vidal Sassoon named Juilian Maurice who joined them and began to educate the team on women’s hairdressing. We still have many, many clients who started with us in that location and have had the blessing of watching their families grow and change over the years. We love listening to the stories they tell about how old they were, if they came with their mother or a friend, who their stylist was and many who received their very first hair cut as a child and are still trusting us to this day.

Duncan Bros. Salon Downtown, 210 Park Avenue, went under construction in 1982 and was quite impressive, residing on the 2nd floor with a view of the hustle of the Oklahoma Oil Boom! The salon officially opened in 1983 and quickly grew in staff and clients, but as many of you know the oil and gas industry fell on some pretty tough times in the mid 80’s and we made the decision to sell the salon. Two thriving and successful stylists, Doyle and Beth purchased the salon, renaming it Park Avenue Salon and the salon is still a thriving business today.

In 1989 we moved to North Penn Plaza, 5625 N .Pennsylvania where we continued to grow our team, became the first distributor for TIGI Haircare in Oklahoma, and evolved as a company with a deep seeded focus of excellence, education and valuing each team member for their contribution to Duncan Bros Salon and creating a sense of family and unity that can be sensed by all who enter. Out of the growth of the North Penn salon, the possibility of our Quail Springs Mall salon and our Edmond salon were born. DBS North Penn is a Titanium Partner and among the top Goldwell salons in the nation, it is owned and operated by Ron and Jean Ann Duncan and Joe and Shelly Gitthens, with Jean Ann being managing partner and Shelly being Director of Salon Development..

Duncan Bros Salon, Quail Springs was launched in 1997 and has undergone many changes over the years, with the most recent being in 2015 where we expanded and remodeled our location for the 5th time, giving us an even bigger presence in the mall. Quail Springs Mall has been a place for so many young aspiring stylists to learn and grow an amazing business and has been instrumental in providing quality hair care to the mall, a place where people see the name and trust the brand, feeling free to walk in the door knowing they will be listened to and given the best possible hair care. DBS Quail Springs is a Titanium Partner and among the top Goldwell salons in the nation, it is owned and operated by Ron and Jean Ann Duncan and Joe and Shelly Gitthens, with Jean Ann being managing partner and Shelly being Director of Salon Development...

Our Edmond location opened in 2002 with an amazing team of experienced hair dressers that had worked for us in one of our other locations for years and were looking for more freedom and flexibility as independent contractors. Still maintaining the spirit of excellence, teamwork and family spirit this location is still home to many of those stylists today. In 2008, Machel Duncan Harwell and her husband Paige became owner of DBS Edmond and have continued to grow and expand the Edmond team. DBS Edmond underwent an expansion in 2017 giving our staff and guests a new and up to date state of the art experience.

We would be remiss if we didn’t speak to the amazing education we have provided our state for over 3 decades with Duncan Brothers School of Hair Design, opening in 1979 on Agnew and SW 59th, OKC and the Academy of Hair Design, in Northpark Mall on 122nd and May, OKC, opening it’s doors in 2005. Duncan Brothers School of Hair Design is owned and operated by Don Duncan. The Academy of Hair Design is owned and operated by Ron and Jean Ann Duncan and Joe and Shelly Gitthens, with Jean Ann being Managing Partner and Shelly being Director of School Development. Although we find ourselves in separate partnerships from where we started, we have all been an integral part of creating a legacy to last five decades.

Over the past 20 years Ron has grown a very successful construction company in Bob Duncan and Sons building custom homes, custom home renovations and commercial projects. In 2017 Joe launched a new company, where designed and manufactured a high performance automotive part that is currently patented in the US with an Australian patent pending.

Duncan Bros Salon is truly “a family business”, not only do we consider our staff and guests family, there’s a long list of family members who have joined us on this journey. Not all are still in the salon or schools, but all have made a difference. Ron and Jean Ann Duncan along with their daughters, Machel Duncan Harwell and Heather Duncan Ehlers. Don Duncan and his daughter Whitney Paige Duncan Leake. Joe and Shelly Gitthens and their daughter Kari Coppedge.

Each and every person who has gone to one of our schools or worked in our salons over the years is a big part of our history and success, we honor YOU and your dedication to this industry and would love to hear YOUR success story in the comment section below! Don’t be shy, you’ve worked hard…take a minute and brag on yourself!

In reading this blog post, we are in hopes that you’ve learned a little more about Duncan Bros Salon, where we started, where we are today and looking forward to the future….

All the best,

Ron and Jean Ann Duncan

Joe and Shelly Gitthens

5 Ways To Disguise A Bad Hair Day

Academy of Hair Design

Who over sleeps and thinks to them selves " I can sleep for 30 more minutes, I don't have to wash my hair today" then you wake up with 10 min to get ready and you realize you totally needed to wash your hair? Yea I can bet that happens to a majority of us! So we wanted to give you a couple of our go to tricks when those days happen.

1. Dry Shampoo

First and foremost you need to invest in a good dry shampoo this will become your new best friend! Our favorite is the KMS Makeover Spray or the Goldwell Ultra Volume Dry Shampoo. Most people tend to use these wrong and that's how you end up with the white cast. After you spray your roots you really need to work it in with your hands and then let it sit for a second before trying to brush it out. It needs time to soak up all of the oils so spray it, work it in, and let it sit while you do your makeup or get dressed. 

( How to dry shampoo)

2. Braids

Second day dirty hair is great for braids. So after you spray your dry shampoo in and you've let it sit I love to give myself a good tease for volume and then throw a front braid or a side fishtail. I'll link some inspo below!

(101 braids for your bad hair day)

3. messy buns

Anyone get to the point where you're like, nope nothing is going to save this mess. This is when I like to throw in a messy bun or sock bun. Make sure you give your crown a good teasing before you try to do any bun I will link some tutorials below

( how to messy bun for short hair)


4 Half up

The half up messy bun is perfect for those days where you have to go somewhere and look cute but your hair is just not working for you. I like to use the same techniques as the messy bun just with half of my hair. After my top knot is perfected I go back in and tease the hair around my ears and back of my head to give it that messy styled look.

5.. Head Scarf

This is for the days when your hair is just hopeless and you don't want to even mess with it. I call this my last resort. If I can't figure out or don't want to mess with a scarf I thrown on a hat!

(21 hair scarf ideas)

Best of Balayage

Academy of Hair Design

Who here is all about low maintenance hair? I know most people are! With the balayage technique it gives you the sun kissed hair you have been wanting without being in the salon every 4-6 weeks. Balayage is perfect for the girl who is on a budget, has been solid blonde and wanting to add more dimension or isn't wanting something drastic and the up keep of an all over icy blonde. It's also a great way to transition into an all over blonde if that is your end goal. With this technique blowing up all over social media we thought it would be fun to showcase some of our stylists work and give you a little inspo for your next salon apt! If you don't see the shade you are looking for, check us out on Instagram or our Facebook page! We customized colors for each individual client, so your wish is truly our command! 

Hair by Karina Ponce  @ DBS Quail Springs

Hair by Karina Ponce @ DBS Quail Springs

Hair by Brittany Rademaker @DBS North Penn

Hair by Brittany Rademaker @DBS North Penn

Hair by Chelcie Robb  @DBS Quail Springs

Hair by Chelcie Robb @DBS Quail Springs

Hair by Kari Coppedge  @DBS North Penn

Hair by Kari Coppedge @DBS North Penn

Hair by Karina Ponce  @DBS Quail Springs

Hair by Karina Ponce @DBS Quail Springs

Hair by Savannah Jenkins,  DBS Quail Springs

Hair by Savannah Jenkins, DBS Quail Springs

Hair by Brittany Rademaker  @DBS North Penn

Hair by Brittany Rademaker @DBS North Penn

Hair by Karina Ponce @Quail

Hair by Karina Ponce @Quail

Stay tuned for next weeks post! We are talking about how to keep blondes brighter while keeping your hair healthy.