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Oklahoma City hair salon, Duncan Brothers is an acclaimed hair salon offering modern hair services to clients in the Edmond and Oklahoma City areas.


5 Ways To Disguise A Bad Hair Day

Academy of Hair Design

Who over sleeps and thinks to them selves " I can sleep for 30 more minutes, I don't have to wash my hair today" then you wake up with 10 min to get ready and you realize you totally needed to wash your hair? Yea I can bet that happens to a majority of us! So we wanted to give you a couple of our go to tricks when those days happen.

1. Dry Shampoo

First and foremost you need to invest in a good dry shampoo this will become your new best friend! Our favorite is the KMS Makeover Spray or the Goldwell Ultra Volume Dry Shampoo. Most people tend to use these wrong and that's how you end up with the white cast. After you spray your roots you really need to work it in with your hands and then let it sit for a second before trying to brush it out. It needs time to soak up all of the oils so spray it, work it in, and let it sit while you do your makeup or get dressed. 

( How to dry shampoo)

2. Braids

Second day dirty hair is great for braids. So after you spray your dry shampoo in and you've let it sit I love to give myself a good tease for volume and then throw a front braid or a side fishtail. I'll link some inspo below!

(101 braids for your bad hair day)

3. messy buns

Anyone get to the point where you're like, nope nothing is going to save this mess. This is when I like to throw in a messy bun or sock bun. Make sure you give your crown a good teasing before you try to do any bun I will link some tutorials below

( how to messy bun for short hair)


4 Half up

The half up messy bun is perfect for those days where you have to go somewhere and look cute but your hair is just not working for you. I like to use the same techniques as the messy bun just with half of my hair. After my top knot is perfected I go back in and tease the hair around my ears and back of my head to give it that messy styled look.

5.. Head Scarf

This is for the days when your hair is just hopeless and you don't want to even mess with it. I call this my last resort. If I can't figure out or don't want to mess with a scarf I thrown on a hat!

(21 hair scarf ideas)